The | S | Collection Candles

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Starting my Saturday morning with staying in bed with a good book and these soy candles by The S Collection.

There's no doubt that when I come across beautiful packaging, my heart beats 100 times faster with excitement. And when the item itself is as good as it looks, it's a match made in heaven.
These blissfully scented 100% natural soy candles where sent to me recently to style and they now sit perfectly amongst my ever expanding collection of boutique candles. There's 7 scents to choose from but the Pomegranate Acai has easily become a favourite of mine. It's delicate sweet tones infused with a soft floral fragrance makes this candle my current favourite Spring Scent. 

For more information about this product, please visit The S Collection. 

Afternoon tea with Alperstein Designs


Beautiful products are a dream to work with. The ideas and shots I had in mind all turned out exactly as I had planned.  


This was my client's favourite shot from the set of 10 I took for them. They will be using this photo as a banner in one of their customer's retail stores. 


Had a lot of fun styling and shooting for Alperstein Designs! Thanks for having me!