Afternoon tea with Alperstein Designs


Beautiful products are a dream to work with. The ideas and shots I had in mind all turned out exactly as I had planned.  


This was my client's favourite shot from the set of 10 I took for them. They will be using this photo as a banner in one of their customer's retail stores. 


Had a lot of fun styling and shooting for Alperstein Designs! Thanks for having me!



Everybody's home, as the name of this warehouse space turned cafe translates to. And it feels, just that. A simply decorated place with minimal, clean design, Mina No Ie is a place you can go to relax and enjoy an all organic, home-style Japanese meal.  
I wish I had time to snap a few more photos of this space but I was too busy chatting away in good company. Here are two shots I took with my x100. 

Fresh Figs

Mum stopped by for a visit yesterday and brought over a bag full of fresh, ripe figs.  

I've never had fresh figs before. It's a strange fruit. It's sweet like a plum but has a peculiar aftertaste that needs getting use to. Well, for me anyway. I've always been a fussy eater. 

I made myself a simple sandwich with fresh fig, cream cheese and drizzled copious amount of Maya Sunny honey on it. Yum, yum, YUM!!

No one was around to by my hand model today. And Paddy was too busy sleeping to be of any assistance.   

Honey, Figs and Cream Cheese Sandwich with Roasted Pistachios. 

Honey, Figs and Cream Cheese Sandwich with Roasted Pistachios.