Current mood (feat. West Elm Acrylic Tray)


I was sent this West Elm Acrylic Tray to style a few weeks ago and finally managed to get a chance to do a quick snap of  it this afternoon. Ideally, I would have liked to frame this shot a bit better but I'm kind of running a bit behind schedule today (make that everyday!).

The tray has a simple and minimalist design and it's clean lines fits perfectly with my style aesthetics. Today I'm using it as a display tray to showcase my current mood -- a neutral palette. This palette has easily become my absolute favourite to work with. So calming and still, it's almost zen-like. 

Products, in no particular order:

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser: Shower time luxury. I don't use this everyday but on days when I need the extra pick me up, this is my shower gel of choice. It has a delicate, sweet rosy scent that's so soothing, especially after a long day at work. 

Tea Forte Tea: Have you ever seen teabags any cuter than Tea Forte?! My husband and I used these in our 'thank you' giftboxes for the guests at our wedding anniversary a couple of years back. For those of you in Australia, you can order Tea Forte from

Anne Leibovtiz At Work: What can I say, this lady is genius behind the camera. She's one of my all time favourite photographers. Another favourite of mine is Tim Walker. Both very different in style but both create equally inspiring work.

Fujifilm X100: An oldie but still a goodie. Although, I haven't been using it all that much recently. My eyes have been glued to the back of my dslr.

Byredo Gypsy Water: Perfect in every way. Love the scent and the package design. Minimalism at its best! I wear Gypsy Water mostly on cooler days. My favourite Byredo scent is still Blanche followed closely by La Tulipe.

Magaret Howell: I did a bit of damage to my wallet when I was in Japan. Everything in the boutique was just oh so perfect!

Mixed Rice: We consume a lot of rice at my home and lately we've adopted a healthier approach by adding half a cup wild mixed rice and grains to one cup jasmine rice. 

MT Washi Tape: Addicted!!! 


winter essentials

As my work schedule's becoming busier and busier, I rarely have time to work on personal project, like this one. I've been meaning to create a winter moodboard with all my favourite Winter items since before the start of Winter! My poor blog has been neglected for far too long. I've never been a great blogger and for that, I must apologise! I'm aiming to update the blog more often with my personal work however if you want to see what I'm up to on most days, jump over to my Instagram feed -- it's where I live! Anyway, without getting too sidetracked, here are some of my Winter Essential items.

First up is my rather scratched and beaten up oxfords by Prada. I always include an item (or two) 'borrowed from the boy' in my daily outfit ensemble. Outfits that are overly feminine look terrible on me so I tend to juxtapose it with a bit of masculine.  I've had these oxfords for just over 3 years but they remain the favorite pair I own. Contrary to Dieppa Restrepo oxfords, these never once gave me blisters!

Secondly, Baies candle by Diptyque. Always a favourite of mine and the only candle that I've repurchased time after time. It's a soft, delicate floral scent that always puts me in a relaxing mood. Lazy Sunday mornings with Baies candle and a good book (or magazines) in hand, is the perfect way to spend my wintery day.

My Chery Jacket by Moncler has received so much wear this Winter. It's not exactly the cheapest down jacket but based on a cost per wear calculation, I think the jacket has become my best investment. Plus, it'll come super handy for when I'm in New York later in the year (November!).

My trusty Rag & Bone knitted beanie has been with me through thick and thin! I've even lost it for a few hours thinking I'll never see it again. I hate losing things. Anything! Needless to say, those few hours felt like absolute torture. I love the way it fits on me. It's slouchy without appearing oversize. The perfect beanie!

Leather leggings by Helmut Lang. Need I say more? Buttery leather goodness right here.

Number six for Winter Essential is tea. Can't get enough of it. Not only does tea have health benefits, including antioxidants, it's deliciously soothing to drink. I'm quite a tea fanatic and will go through great lengths to acquire beautiful, quality tea. My current favourites are The White Wolf by Bellocq and Le Hammeau, also by Bellocq.

And lastly, I've included Luxe cityguides New York seeing that I will be in New York for their Winter too. Still making decisions on accommodation at the moment. Seeing that I will be in the city for 2 weeks, my first option was to check out Airbnb however I've yet to come across anything aesthetically pleasing to fit my price bracket. Decisions, decisions...

Zen Living Part One

Hoshinoya, Kyoto  wearing:  Borsalino Fedora  | Isabel Marant blouse |  Acne Studios Jeans  |

Hoshinoya, Kyoto wearing: Borsalino Fedora | Isabel Marant blouse | Acne Studios Jeans |

I sat on the window sill and admired the stillness in front of me. The quietness was deafening at times. Occasionally, I'm comforted by the soft rattling of the Scenic Train that passes by on the other side of Ooi River. The train always stops for the tourists onboard to take a glimpse of Hoshinoya. I imagine this place would be just as spectacular in appearance from the other side of the river as it was for me, enjoying it from the inside. Their faces all blurred from the distance but I didn't mind, I took a few snaps of them taking snaps of us. I'm sure they were as delighted to see us as we were to see them...


Barely-there Makeup Essentials

Bathroom swoon at  The Blackwood  in Sassafras.

Bathroom swoon at The Blackwood in Sassafras.

The Daily Essentials.

The Daily Essentials.

Here's a post I've been meaning do to but just haven't got around doing—makeup essentials. I've never been much of a makeup junkie. Skincare on the otherhand, is another story I'll leave for another day. Like most things in my life, I like to keep everything simple and fairly minimal, makeup included. I'm a huge Becca fan! My favourite product from their range would have to be their tinted moisturiser, which I use as a base. It has a sheer to light coverage and gives the skin with a healthy, natural glow. I also love using this product on it’s own!  

Here are my favourite items used to achieve a ‘no makeup’ face. I don’t like to look overly made up but ironically, making it look like you're not wearing makeup when you actually are is hard work! Sometimes I'll add in a little eye shadow to give my eyes a little more definition but for the most part, I prefer my everyday make up to look fresh and barely there.


Freedom Furniture A/W 2014

I arrived early and thank goodness for that. I'm so glad I got to take a few snaps of the beautiful rooms (styled by none other than the super cool Mr Jason Grant) before the rush of people came through the doors for the Media Launch. The event was held at Bite Club House, which was the most perfect space to complement Freedom's Autumn Winter collection. Items can be found in store now or online through Freedom's website:

Copper Mania. Limited Edition Copper Bed Frame and Lamp.

Copper Mania. Limited Edition Copper Bed Frame and Lamp.

Those little guys on the shelf had me at hello.

Those little guys on the shelf had me at hello.

Retro vives.

Retro vives.

Kitchen bench envy.

Kitchen bench envy.

Textures and layers to perfection.

Textures and layers to perfection.

Afternoon tea with Alperstein Designs


Beautiful products are a dream to work with. The ideas and shots I had in mind all turned out exactly as I had planned.  


This was my client's favourite shot from the set of 10 I took for them. They will be using this photo as a banner in one of their customer's retail stores. 


Had a lot of fun styling and shooting for Alperstein Designs! Thanks for having me!



Everybody's home, as the name of this warehouse space turned cafe translates to. And it feels, just that. A simply decorated place with minimal, clean design, Mina No Ie is a place you can go to relax and enjoy an all organic, home-style Japanese meal.  
I wish I had time to snap a few more photos of this space but I was too busy chatting away in good company. Here are two shots I took with my x100. 

Afternoon light and shadows...

Window light and soft shadows- a match made in heaven. So damn beautiful, it's my current obsession and I can't get enough of it!

On a side note, I wish I could have packed this Verner Panton Rocker from our hotel room into our luggage. It is by far, the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in. Perfect for those moments, after a long excruciating day at work, where you just want to sit back and relax with a good book in hand.

London, UK.

London, UK.