Barely-there Makeup Essentials

Bathroom swoon at  The Blackwood  in Sassafras.

Bathroom swoon at The Blackwood in Sassafras.

The Daily Essentials.

The Daily Essentials.

Here's a post I've been meaning do to but just haven't got around doing—makeup essentials. I've never been much of a makeup junkie. Skincare on the otherhand, is another story I'll leave for another day. Like most things in my life, I like to keep everything simple and fairly minimal, makeup included. I'm a huge Becca fan! My favourite product from their range would have to be their tinted moisturiser, which I use as a base. It has a sheer to light coverage and gives the skin with a healthy, natural glow. I also love using this product on it’s own!  

Here are my favourite items used to achieve a ‘no makeup’ face. I don’t like to look overly made up but ironically, making it look like you're not wearing makeup when you actually are is hard work! Sometimes I'll add in a little eye shadow to give my eyes a little more definition but for the most part, I prefer my everyday make up to look fresh and barely there.